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Pushking - The World As We Love It(2011) 본문

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Pushking - The World As We Love It(2011)

세우잡이 2016.09.30 12:38

2011년 CD: Soyuz Music

1. Intro

2. Nightrider

3. It'll Be OK

4. Troubled Love

5. Stranger's Song

6. Cut The Wire

7. My Reflections After Seeing The "Schindler's List" Movie

8. God Made Us Free

9. Why Don't You?

10. I Believe

11. Tonight

12. Private Own

13. Open Letter To God

14. Nature's Child

15. I Love You

16. Head Shooter

17. Heroin

18. My Simple Song

19. Kukarracha

: 러시아 록 밴드의 셀프 커버 앨범에서 누노는 1곡에 리드 기타로 참여했다(뮤직비디오에도 출연).

누노다운 테크니컬 솔로를 선보이고 있으며 글렌 휴즈 등도 참가.

from 『天才ギタリスト ヌーノ·ベッテンコート』/Young Guitar Special Issue

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