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Fearless Leader

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Hey - didn't your mother teach ya
You don't say nothing if you've nothing to say
Hey speeches filled with demons
Your state of union is united by fear
Hey grab a slice of freedom
Eat the propaganda taste the fabrication
Hey pledge my allegiance
The only troubled region is inside of your head
Hey sell to your disciples a seat in Heaven and they're willing to go
Hey oh my fearless leader kill their sons and daughters while you tuck in your own
Singing you'll be sorry
Voices you'll go down in history
Listen hear the voices screaming
Out you'll go down in misery
Hey point your dirty finger
The world's against us just to justify blame
Hey what you gonna do now
You flex your muscle but you're losing the game
Hey seeing is believing
Oh my fellow citizens go blind on their knees
Hey show your threads of purpose
Noble or scandalous it's your legacy
Sing no man is God
Upset just add pleasure and you
Countdown no man is God
Don't say nothing if you've nothing to say
Hey keep it on the mission
It's not my pleasure if I'm not in control
You'll be sorry
Hear the voices reaching out


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