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held your hand I felt you
jump across the great divide
my world's in global mourning
yours eternally divine
in this room it's mostly cloudy
showers not to be dismissed
raining down in human error
have we betrayed you with a kiss
here I'm standing staring at you
waiting for just one reaction
god I feel so damn frustrated
the pain is hard to bare
lying there your skin so perfect
looking like a beauty sleeping
touching you it makes no sense
you're feeling so cold stiff
and here we eat the lord and savior
taste the bitterness of loss
cups are filled with holy spirit
drunken with the word of god
veins are flowing nitrogen
hearts are hardened to a freeze
ancient iron lung tradition
breeds a false dichotomy
your own realit-v show
speaks these simple final words
sorry but we're out of time
thank you and goodnight


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