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[Furnished Souls For Rent] No Regrets 본문

Lyrics/mourning widows

[Furnished Souls For Rent] No Regrets

세우잡이 2015.12.13 15:42






And they know your name
And they want you bad
Yeah they want you waving society's flag
You're a prefect match
In a perfect world
Where the living dead dream of living as ghosts
And don't do this and don't do that
Just do it all
It's your life
Don't you forget it
Think twice
You're gonna regret it
But you have to hide
From the corporate jive
Or you'll lose your power to keep life alive
You're your own judge
But you post no bail
Like an emperor makes his palace his jail
Hey all you traffic jam zombies
Just honk your horns
Don't obey the teacher
Who tell you to shut up
Who'll mold you into useless robots
Who are not aloud to feel
Just quit your job tomorrow
Just quit your job today
You take a permanent vacation
You're dying everyday
Birth - school - work - marriage - family - death


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