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Something About You

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All the lies, all the pain
All the tears that leave a stain
But when I cry I'll be fine
Turning water into wine
Holding on, let it go
Exit hatred, enter hope
Don't forget, just pretend
Times of sorrow soon will end
It's not easy
But there's something about you baby
Yeah there's something about you
Even though I can't explain
There is something about you baby
Yeah there's something about you
I don't mean to complain
But all the endings end the same
Busted heart, ripped apart
Glue the pieces and restart
Hey you, yeah you, gather round
You living in the lost and found
It's all a trick not a chance
No we won't get fooled again
It's not easy
It's so strange this beautiful pain
A sweeping blow to the head
Oh amnesia I feel you coming in
I think it's time you begin
Simulate salvation
Love is fuel for the soul
What Elvis was to rock and roll
I don't know but I've been told
That tomorrow never knows
It's not so easy


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