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Heavy 본문



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You start to feel the static
You feel the pressure pumping
With courage in your pocket
No time for indecision
We're on a heavy mission
With confidence you fire
Take out specific targets
With technical precision
You're on a heavy mission
Ready or not, get set go
It's oh so beautiful
The poetry of rage
And the violence in the air
Smells so wonderful
Sweet malaise
You carry all the burden
The pain is penetrating
Block out the devastation
Forget the grief and sorrow
You know there's no tomorrow
A man in this condition
A man is this position
Must now become a killer
You know it's now or never
A desperation effort
Forget to stop and listen
We're on a heavy mission
And as the lights begin to dim
I find myself at home
I sit here on my thrown
I think I'll light myself a bone
And as I sit here in the dark
I know I'm not alone
I found my self a girl
I found here halfway round the world
As heavy as she is
She's beautiful to hold
I squeeze her tightly in my hand
She'll send me back where I belong


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