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[Furnished Souls For Rent] 667 본문

Lyrics/mourning widows

[Furnished Souls For Rent] 667

세우잡이 2015.12.13 15:43





It's a trap
Don't delay
Book a flight
Go to heaven tonight
Call ahead
Reserve a seat
Sit with heavens elite
No offence you're not a priest
You're the neighbor of the beast
667 damnation lane
I watch you swim like a fool
In the devils heated pool
Don't you smell there's something burning
It's a trap
Scared to death
On your knees
Just in case you believe
Get out alive while you can
It's a trap suck you in
Be prepared lay away
He is coming judgement day
You could be picked and you haven't got a thing
To wear
Oh my God how divine
He's got his own new clothing line
Don't you wish you could afford it
I'm gonna somersault to peace
Come on come and take a dive with me
On the count of 3
I'm gonna set you free

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